Everyone has moments in their lives when they need a little psyching up to get through critical assignments.

And an alta ego is a fun way to motivate yourself to step out of your comfort zone to slay dragons, tap into your zone of genius or do things that would normally seem intimidating, due to your own limiting beliefs.

This could mean getting through a big meeting, an interview, asking for a raise, meeting a hard deadline or even speaking in public.

Whatever it is, there is that best version of you right inside who knows how to kick ass and knows exactly what you need to get you through a seemingly challenging situation.

That bold, fierce and ruthless person who doesn’t take no for answer.

Who helps you push through situations that would have normally felt intimidating.

That person who takes the lead and says things you’ve been meaning to say, without knowing how to say it.

And you suddenly feel like you’ve been possessed when he/she takes over.

The truth is, that best self is actually your true self, stifled by your insecurities, doubts, and fears.

Your alta ego can become your default personality.

Why conjure up someone better than you to come to your rescue when you can strive to be your best self all the time?

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