There are times we’re faced with feelings of inadequacies where we think we are not good enough to get to the to next level. Like we don’t measure up to the status quo representing what it means to be at that higher level of success.
And I blame this largely on the ‘picture-perfect’ images we see on social media defining and flaunting success as something flashy or glamorous. And there’s constant pressure to want to keep up.
So whether it’s a job, promotion, a career transition, becoming an industry expert or even in your personal life; getting married, becoming a mom, a dad etc.  I want you to know that you’re right where you need to be. You have the right amount of knowledge and expertise to take you to that next level.
A common mistake I see people make, especially when transitioning their career is that they’re too quick to sign up for every course on the planet; hoping that will somehow get them a job in that field.
And that’s the reason for the frustrations people face when they aren’t able to land Business Analyst, Project Management, Software development jobs after spending so much money, time and effort on 3 masters degrees, 5 professional courses or several certifications.
What you need first is some personal study in that field and a championSomeone who can show you the ropes, hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through what you need to know and the mistakes to avoid to make your transition as smoothly as possible.
Courses are great to give you some theoretical knowledge, but then how do you apply that knowledge in a real-life scenario? What happens next?
Unless you are transitioning into a highly regulated industry like medicine, pharmacy, accounting, human resources, law etc. which require higher levels of training and accreditation, then this rule will obviously not apply.
But if you’re transitioning to an IT or another field where you can learn informally, courses and certifications will be much more beneficial later on to further ground you in that field.
So get clear on your goals and map out a plan to get there. Message me if you need some support deciding your career path.

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