What is your personal brand?

Sometimes we think about branding as something large corporations do to distinguish themselves from their competition. But branding applies to individuals too either directly or indirectly.

Can you be counted on to get things done?

Or are you one of those with excuses up their sleeves when a critical project gets assigned?

Your personal brand sets things in motion in your career development. It attracts referrals, promotions, vertical or horizontal mobility into other teams or projects.

Whether you consciously brand yourself or not, others perception of you directly or indirectly labels you. So why not make a conscious effort to project the right image?

It’s easy to feel like you’re not worthy of your brand, or like you don’t belong here, or that you’ll look like a fraud when you show up in a certain way (impostor syndrome).

This is just the minds way of sabotaging your success. Rather than embrace such thoughts, play them to your advantage.

Strive to be better so that you can display the true essence of your brand, and it can be reinforced in your subconscious mind as the true you.

Finally, set the intention, get clear on the assignment and decide the outcome.

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