Do you go knocking or do people come asking?

It’s easy to get distracted by the anxiety and frustrations that come with searching for a job.

Especially if you’re relying solely on job boards sending out resume after resume into the recruitment black hole.

But there is a certain level of confidence you exude when you know your worth and you understand that your knowledge and skills are an asset to your dream employer.

This confidence makes you attractive and gives you an edge over the plethora of candidates vying for the same opportunities.

You are your own CEO and marketing manager. And no one else can best advertise your value than YOU.

The way you portray your image and personal brand matters throughout your job search.

And you need to think about this really carefully. Are you coming at it with a desperate attitude – like most job seekers?

Or are you coming at it from a place of strength and confidence?

I hope its the latter because this is the difference between those who get results faster and those who get frustrated and blame everything else for their lack of results.

Seth Godin says describes this marketing phenomenon best and I quote:

“There are only two ways to get a job, either you go knocking or people come asking”

Have you become so good at what you do that your dream employers come asking, or are you still at the same level as everyone else who has to go knocking?

Once you shift your mindset from job seeker mode to expert and problem solver mode, It’s amazing the creative ideas that will come to you, that will inspire your positioning strategy to get results even faster.

And it doesn’t take very long to get there.

If you’ve been on the job market for so long and you haven’t gotten any results, you may need to take a step back to re-evaluate you’ve been doing.

All you need might just be a few tweaks to your marketing strategy.

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