Mid-year reviews are around the corner and If this is something taken seriously at your organization, then it’s important you get ready.

Schedule those review meetings, get some feedback so that you can work towards accomplishing your goals for the rest of the year.

If you haven’t set any clearly defined, written goals for where you want to be in the next 12 – 18 months in your personal life, then I highly recommend you take this time to do so.

If you feel stuck at your current job, what are doing to move towards your dream job? It isn’t going to magically fall in to your lap one day!

Opportunities are in abundance around you, but your mind needs to be tuned to recognize them. Have you noticed that when you decide to buy a particular make/model of a car or a gadget, you begin to see it in abundance and you notice it even more?

This happens because you have tuned your mind in that direction by making a decision to purchase that item. It is the same thing with your job, there are many opportunities around you right now but if you haven’t made definite plans to change your situation, you won’t see those opportunities.

Your career can be enjoyable, don’t subject yourself to spinning wheels or feeling stuck. You deserve much more than that.

Do something today to move you towards your dream job, cease those opportunities now and if not now, then when? 

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