What to do when you have a difficult boss

This piece isn’t for the faint at heart and some of what I’ll be sharing may challenge your way of thinking and doing things.  

Also, act on it with caution, I didn’t write this to get you fired 😜.

As employees, it’s easy to think we are at the mercy of our managers and we could unconsciously become a “yes person” taking orders and doing everything they ask without questioning their authority. 

This is done in autopilot mode sometimes because you think that’s what you’re expected to do as an employee, or out of fear of losing your job or being discriminated against because you didn’t “obey” instructions, or out of fear of not being seen as a team player.

I’m not saying you need to rebel against your manager. Obviously, there should be some level of mutual respect and understanding between you both. 

But If you have a boss who expects you to simply take orders and do everything you’re told without asking questions or the flexibility to set reasonable boundaries around your schedule and how you choose to execute the task, then that could be a problem.

You are employed because you bring value to your organization and your knowledge, skills and expertise are an asset to your team, so you are NOT an order taker.  

It takes some time to really prove your self and to demonstrate your worth to your manager and this is something you need to do consistently and that is very much within your control.

I once had a boss who felt her life’s mission was to micromanage me and it didn’t work. 
We clashed a few times and I just had to figure out a subtle way to set the record straight by showing her how I wanted to be managed.

My strategy was to provide an update on my projects before she even asked.

I sent her weekly summaries of my wins, and if there were assignments that I fell behind on, I was quick to call my self out on them and share what my actions were to get them back on track.

With time, her attitude changed and that trust was established.

She handed me bigger assignments and didn’t even bother checking in to know how they were going, because she trusted me to handle them.

You are not completely helpless when it comes to dealing with a difficult boss.

If you’ve tried everything, but the personality differences still aren’t working for you, then maybe its time to either change teams or jobs completely. 

Either way, be in control and decide what happens next…

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