Have you ever wondered why some people are so well connected and they always seem to get any job when they want it?
Well, my friend, that’s the power of having the right connections. And thankfully, these opportunities to connect with people are also right at your fingertips.
Growing your network should be the top priority when looking for a job or when managing your career. And you can start with a small goal of at least 10 new connections each week, that’s 520 new connections in one year!
The more connections you have, the more likely you’ll have people to contact when it’s time to make your next career move.
Here are some tips to get you started whether It’s from 0 to hundreds in just a matter of weeks.
And if you already have 500+ connections, that’s great! there’s nothing wrong with getting some new ones too.
1) Personalize your connection requests: 
Don’t just click the blue button to connect. Click into the contact’s profile and write a personal message politely stating why you’d like to connect with them.
2) Follow up with your off-line contacts and engage with them on LinkedIn:
For example, if you met a recruiter at a job fair, get his/her contact information and ask if you can send them a connection request. If you have your mobile phone with you, do it the spot and let them know you’ve just sent a request, follow up so that they can respond.
3) Show up often: 
Post articles, engage in groups, comment on, like and share other articles.
4) Promote your LinkedIn profile: 
Customize your LinkedIn profile Url and make it part of your email signature, also share it on other social media platforms.
5) Optimize your profile with keywords:
Use Keywords relevant to your industry so that your profile can come up easily on search engine results. This also looks impressive when recruiters google you and trust me, they do.
Follow these simple five strategies to build your network with LinkedIn. You’ll have a strong network you can utilize in your job search or career journey in no time. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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