How To Become A Business Analyst in 5 Easy Steps (even if you have no previous experience or technical skills)

Whether you're a corporate professional seeking a career transition from software development, quality assurance, human resources, finance, marketing, Admin or other IT/non-IT roles in to Business Analysis.

I'll reveal my 5 simple steps that will unlock your potential and help you design the BA career of your dreams.

I'll also be sharing the 3 common mistakes most people make on their BA resume which makes them frustrated at their lack of results (and what you should do instead).

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This Personalized BA career strategy session

Is FOR YOU if you're a working corporate professional and...

  • Your BA career move is all you can think about and you're READY to TAKE ACTION to change your career situation so that can LAND YOUR DREAM BA job and get the INCOME you deserve NOW.
  • You're TIRED of being STAGNANT IN YOUR CAREER and you're willing to make a COMMITMENT and a financial INVESTMENT in yourself to make your BA career move right NOW.
  • You've taken so many BA courses and you still don't know how to apply it to your career situation. You feel overwhelmed and you DON'T EVEN even know WHERE TO START.
  • You've been looking for someone help you CONNECT THE DOTS so that you can make your BA career move smoothly.
  • You've tried things your way for so long without getting results and you're willing to embrace a STRATEGIC WAY of doing things that will help you LAND YOUR DREAM JOB as a Business Analyst.
  • You're DEDICATED to pursuing a more rewarding and satisfying job working on projects as a Business Analyst.
  • You're ready to BREAK FREE from the limiting beliefs that have held you back from making a bold move in your career.

Is NOT for you if you're not a working corporate professional and...

  • You're DESPERATELY IN NEED of a job now. Landing a BA job takes some time and you need to commit at-least 3 months to getting results. It's best you get something else first (if it's an urgent situation) and then plan your BA career transition later.
  • You're NOT INTERESTED in a career transition into BUSINESS ANALYSIS or working on projects, or if you're simply "exploring" it.
  • You're NOT READY to take IMMEDIATE ACTION to change your career situation.
  • You're happy to keep doing what you're doing HOPING THINGS WILL some how CLICK one day to land you your dream BA job.
  • You're NOT WILLING to make a COMMITMENT to put in the work that will get you results.
  • You're LOOKING for a QUICK FIX or for someone to simply hand you a job as a business analyst.


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