How do you keep organized when you need to juggle competing priorities at work or at home?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the demands of your work and personal life, trying to become everything to everyone. But the bottom line is you can’t. There’s only one YOU.

I know there are tons of productivity hacks or recommendations out there like the Pomodoro technique, some recommend scheduling your daily tasks to the smallest detail, others recommend ditching sleep so you can get up at 4 am and become a “morning person”.

But the truth is, if your productivity is not at its peak in the mornings, all you’ll end up with is a headache, lots of caffeine and with nothing done.

It’s important you get to know your rhythm and figure out the best strategies that work well for you to be able to balance your responsibilities effectively.

One thing that has worked really well for me is that I keep my day ‘top heavy’.

Meaning, I prioritize my most important or unappealing tasks first and I leave emails, casual meetings, and other not so important tasks for later in the day.

This helps me meet my deadlines because I’m focused on my most important deliverables first without any distractions.

I can also work through my emails and respond more thoughtfully when I’m under less pressure.

What about you? Comment below and let me know what has been working for you!

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