Are you ready to stop being tucked away behind the scenes doing your boring monotonous job?

Do you want to work on projects that will make you visible while you solve business problems?

Or maybe you're thinking of making your career transition in to business analysis but you're not sure where to start?

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I get it, right now you're probably fed up with your job and not even sure where to start but I've got you covered.

Hi, I'm Busola and I help corporate professionals who feel stuck in their current boring, dead-end jobs leverage their skills and reignite their passion so that they can create the Business Analysis career of their dreams.

...Do you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to your job?

...Or do you feel under appreciated, demotivated simply grinding through the same monotonous tasks everyday?

...Perhaps you've been passed up for promotion several times, you don't get the recognition you deserve and the visibility you want to move your career to the next level?

...Or maybe you once had it all together,  but life happened and you want to get clear on your goals so that you can navigate your career in a different direction?

You don't have to remain in your current situation,  you deserve much better than that...

I’ve worked with several corporate professionals like YOU to make their career transition into Business Analysis doing more rewarding and satisfying work. This has resulted in salary increases, flexible work schedules, promotions and ultimately creating a business analysis career they truly enjoy.

So, how did I get here?


I landed my first job straight out of college and being an immigrant in the country I lived in back then, it wasn’t the norm.

It seemed like I had it all figured out and everyone thought I was "living the dream", but I wasn't!

I was stuck in a job I didn't like, sorting through cables underneath desks and getting sworn at on the trading floor (true story). I worked long hours and I dreaded Mondays and earnestly longed for Fridays.

I hated every aspect of my job, because I was tucked away behind the scenes.

I felt like a face in the crowd and I couldn't really see the light at the end of the tunnel when it came to my career progression.

I grinded through it all, and worked just to pay my bills. But deep down I knew there was more to life than this.

I hit a turning point when I got fired right in the middle of the recession.

There was no just cause and even though I worked my butt off behind the scenes, It was all in an effort to "cut costs".

It was at that point realized that I couldn't afford to be tucked away behind the scenes anymore.

I wanted to be one of those people who were at management meetings and who were involved in certain aspects of the decision making processes within an organization.

I wanted an opportunity to showcase my skills and and solve real business problems

It was that point I began to pursue my career in Business Analysis.

I did some research, leveraged my existing skills and began my positioning strategy.

Within a few days I had interviews lined up.Long story short, I landed my dream job as a Business Analyst within 3 weeks!

I had no prior business analysis experience or formal training. All I had was my desire to be seen and heard so that I could make a difference through my work.

Fast forward 13 years later, I've worked for several Fortune 500 companies leading global strategic initiatives. I interact with senior executives at higher levels and my work is visible and my voice is heard.

I'm enjoying flexible work schedules and remote work from any location so that I can spend more time with my family.

I'm also enjoying a six-figure salary with multiple promotions and pay raises under my belt, when others have been denied.

Today, I help ambitious corporate professionals like YOU make their career transition in to their area of passion. Either as business analysts or other project related opportunities, but most importantly doing work they absolutely enjoy.

And I do this using the exact same strategies I applied when I hit a dead-end in my job, which I've also perfected over the past decade coaching like-minded individuals through making their career transition in to Business Analysis (or similar project based opportunities).

My goal is to help you get unstuck so that you can live a more fulfilled life doing work that you find fulfilling and satisfying.

I can help you if....

  • You’re tired of being stuck in a rut, grinding through a job you don't find satisfying and you'd like to make your career transition in to Business Analysis.
  • You've tried things you way for so long sending out resume after resume and you're ready to get help from a BA expert to make your move in the fastest way possible.
  • You're tired of leaving money at the table of your employer and you're ready to take control of your career maximizing your existing skills to can get paid what you're worth.
  • You've attended several BA courses and you still have no idea how to translate those skills into getting your first BA job, and you're willing to get the support you need to make your career move.




This simple no fluff guide will show walk you through 10 easy steps to get you started on your BA career path this quarter.

You CAN have your dream career - I've been there too and I've got you!

Why be the hamster in a wheel grinding through a dead-end job you don't enjoy?

Listen up! 40% of your day is spent on your job anyway, why not make it count.

Why settle for less when you can have...

  • a rewarding and fulfilling career
  • a high profile opportunity doing what you love
  • the recognition and accolades you deserve
  • multiple pay raises and promotions from being on your A-game doing work that matters

Here are some fun facts about me

Care to get personal?

  • I’m a recovering shopaholic. I’ve recently started leaning towards a more minimalist lifestyle, less stuff but more memorable experiences.
  • I’m still an introvert, despite being more vocal at work. My definition of having a great time is binge watching billions, reading self-help books and lounging indoors with my family.
  • Though I studied computer science, the thought of hardware and coding gives me the heebie-jeebies. So I chose the not so techie path in IT (business analysis and project management) for my career and I can geek out on those subjects anytime.
  • I’m blunt, I’ll give it to you straight - but with love. Because we all make mistakes and sometimes we need a little guide on the side to call us out and nudge us in the right direction, and I’m that guide.
  • Family means everything to me and it is one of the reasons why I help you find the job of your dreams without compromising your values, so that you can "switch off" after hours and be present with those you love. And for me that’s my husband and our 4-year-old son.