It’s easy to get caught up with busy work schedules, especially during peak periods of the year when deadlines are tight and juggling multiple initiatives become the norm.

It’s always good to remember to stop, breath and take necessary steps to avoid burnout.

And this doesn’t mean working complacently or slacking off.

It just means revising strategies, assessing priorities and getting clear on management’s expectations. 

This could mean speaking with your manager to confirm your priorities so you’re both on the same page.

More importantly, grinding hard through your day, skipping lunch and working late doesn’t mean you’re being productive.

In fact, you’re opening yourself up to burnout both physically and mentally.

And that is how the ‘hamster-in-a-wheel’ cycle begins.

Consequently, your productivity dips, you get replaced and life goes on for everyone else but you.

Here are a few tips to get you started so that you can show yourself some love while on the job:

Tip #1: Schedule short breaks. 

Take breaks away from your computer in between long stretches/sprints of work so you can reset.

Set reminders to take a walk every 60-90 mins. Walk to the copier, get some water, stop by a colleague’s desk.

Tip #2: Take your lunch breaks:

You’re not doing anyone a favor working through your break and scoffing down lunch at your desk while you work.

All you end up with is heartburn and a ton of distraction.

Tip #3: Go Home!:

Sounds obvious right? If your workday ends at 5 pm don’t be afraid to leave at 5.

Give yourself permission to hit ctrl + alt + delete, log off, step away from your computer and go home. Your family needs you. And don’t be apologetic about it.

If you have a reputation for doing excellent work, no one will have a problem with you going home when you should.

Tip #4: Ask for a flexible work schedule:

If your role can accommodate working remotely, especially if you’re not doing a client-facing job.

Or if your responsibilities don’t require you to be physically present in the office every day, ask to work from home sometimes. 

This shaves off your commute time so that you can spend some extra time getting ahead with your work so that you can enjoy some flex time later.

So, the next time you feel the urge to camp out at your desk; remember –  it’s all about maximizing your day, staying focused and doing quality work.

If you burnout or work yourself to the ground…life still goes on.

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