Ready to make a career move but you're not sure how to update your resume to get you noticed?

40 % of your day is spent at your 9-5, why not make it count?

Listen up, 40% of your day is spent at your 9-5 and if that 40% isn't spent doing work you love, then we’ve got a problem.

The truth is, so any people have lost the fulfilment and satisfaction they once got from their jobs.

And you find most people working mindlessly at their monotonous jobs just to pay bills.

Is that how you want to spend the rest of your career?

The truth is, so many people feel like their job is dragging them down.

Are you one of them? 

Because if so, I have to tell you something; You deserve better.

What if you didn't have to spend that third doing things you only mildly tolerate, working in an office that suffocates you, and dealing with people who seem to have forgotten that life takes place OUTSIDE of the cubicle?

Life would be a whole lot sweeter, right?

Right now, I'm guessing that...

  • You know there has to be more to life...right? You’re smart, and you have good ideas, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to really get things off the ground. And, if you do make it happen, how long will it realistically last?
  • You don’t want to look back and regret wasting years sitting behind a desk. You have friends, a family, people you want to spend time with and places to see. You want the freedom to actually live your life.
  • You want more out of your career. You’re smart, a high-achiever, but you can only go so far, so fast in the corporate world. You have big visions and want to make your mark.
  • No longer dreading Mondays or longing for Fridays, but doing more meaningful and fulfilling work

Imagine your life a few days, weeks, months from now...

Imagine your life a few days, weeks, months from now...

  • Your phone ringing off the hook with calls from recruiters and you're swamped with interview requests
  • Getting connection requests and messages from your dream employers asking if you're available for work; because your LinkedIn profile is so impressive
  • Confidently acing your interviews and getting emails confirming your job offer within a matter of days
  • Negotiating your package confidently like a pro and getting the 5 or even 6 figure salary you deserve
  • No longer dreading Mondays or longing for Fridays, but doing more meaningful and fulfilling work
  • Your flexible work schedule and being able to work from any location
  • Confidence reeling from the recognition and accolades you deserve and the fantastic promotion and pay raise you've just recieved

Forget waiting.

Your time is NOW.

It’s not lazy. It’s not crazy. It’s not nonsense.

It’s your future. And it’s completely possible.

You can make the leap from desk to dream.

From trapped to free.


Confidently Hired™ Novice To Business Analyst in Just 90 Days

You don’t need to spend your days chained to your desk to pay the bills. You don’t need to waste 8 hours a day on tedious tasks. You don’t need to work for people who don’t appreciate you.

You only live once and you deserve to make a living (and a great one at that) doing what you love.

And that’s exactly why I created Employee to Entrepreneur, the only proven, step-by-step system to build your online service-based business and replace your corporate income in months, not years.

You CAN spend 100% of your life doing things you love.

You can have a career that you’re furiously passionate about, spend time with people you love, and explore all the places that you’ve wanted to see for years. All you have to do, is take the leap (strategically, of course).

Now hold up a second! I know what you’re thinking. Your brain (more like your fear-based inner voice) is probably screaming--

“That sounds impossible!”

“Are you crazy?”

“Hello, empty promises!”

“That won't work for me!

Allow me to prove you wrong...

Show graph of comparison - cost of doing nothing here

Why is the Confidently Hired™ Novice To Business Analyst program so powerful?

It’s a unique comprehensive system that gives you the exact step-by-steps, scripts, and marketing strategies to replace your monthly income and build your online coaching business BEFORE you leave your 9-5.

It takes you from scratch to getting booked out with one-on-one clients to consistently making sales in your business every month.


  • You only have a couple hours a week to devote to business building
  • You're not sure what kind of business to start
  • You don’t think you have any marketable skills
  • You don't have an MBA
  • You have tried other systems and failed (miserably)
  • You spent years getting to this income level and think it’s bonkers to possibly replace it in 6 months


  • Struggle for years marketing yourself before getting clients,
  • Spend your life blogging, guest posting, or hanging out on social media,
  • Go back to school, develop a certain skill-set, or get a certification first, or
  • Be someone who’s rich, special, or has damn good luck!

But guess what? That's a load of B.S.!

The Employee to Entrepreneur system has helped hundreds of "ordinary" men and women make the transition from cubicle to CEO

  • They aren’t extroverts with natural-born sales skills (but they learned how to sell their services with ease)...
  • They didn’t have have Ivy League educations or lots of certifications...
  • In fact, when they signed up for Employee to Entrepreneur, they weren’t even sure what kind of business they wanted to start (even though they KNEW the kind of lifestyle they wanted to have).




Pretty kool results, right?

(Yup, yours will be too!)

Hi My name is Busola and I .....

Common Mistakes Made While Making the career transition

  • 1

    Not Research

    Why the CHF is different

You are smarter than these mistakes.

You are bigger than your fears.


Seriously — you are...

  • You don’t have to have a business yet (Heck, you don’t even need to have a clear idea)
  • You don’t need to know the ins and outs of building a business from the ground up (That’s what Employee to Entrepreneur is for!)
  • You don’t have to be completely confident that you can make this happen (It’s natural to have some doubts, but don’t let your fear control you)

Whether you're:

I've got your back.



I know how it feels because I've been in your shoes.

I've been where you are.

(Yup, I was sitting at a desk dreaming about being my own boss, too.)

Growing up, I was told that I needed to get a good education so I could land a great job. So I did. I hopped on the corporate ladder and started climbing. On the outside, things looked great. But, the truth was, I wanted more.

Even though I’d accomplished everything my parents had hoped for me -- the managerial title, the six-figure salary, and the high-rise apartment, I wasn’t happy. I wanted to be making a difference, to be helping people, and to be in charge of my own career trajectory instead of on the path of incremental raises, minimal vacation days, and day to day monotony.

Personally, I couldn’t stop thinking, “is this all there is?” I’m all for hard work but if I only have 100ish years on this Earth, I want to spend time with the people I love. I want to explore the world and to go on adventures...

I want to feel like I’m not just alive, but truly living.

That's why I knew I had to take my life (and career) into my own hands.

I wasn't sure how I was going to do it but I was determined to figure it out.

I made mistakes. I felt isolated. And I spent so much time glued to the couch with my laptop. But, eventually, I did it.

When you look at my website, it’s easy to assume that success came easily for me, but, as we both know, looks can be deceiving. My entrepreneurial journey has been going on for a decade and it’s chock full of highs and lows (lots and lots of lows!)

What a ride.

Over the years, there were plenty of times I was tempted to quit my corporate gig and go full time with my business, but I strategically waited it out because I wanted to make sure my business was stable and strong. (My definition of entrepreneurial freedom did not include being unable to pay the bills.)

One of the hardest parts of my entrepreneurial journey was a lack of support from my family.

They just didn't "get" it. They wondered:

  • What was wrong with me?
  • Why I wasn’t happy with my “good” salary?
  • How the heck I’d ever be able to get my own business off the ground? (They assumed online business was a spammy scheme… can you relate?)
  • career time lineand miatakes made


more of my why and mistakes----


Finally, I had serious results!
Within 4 months of implementing this strategy, I made $106K (while still at my 9-5!)

Imagine my relief after 10 years of trying to make this work, struggling with self doubt, and wondering if I’d ever make it happen - I finally did. It was not easy, but it was all coming together.

Now, I’m a seven-figure business owner who gets to do what she loves every single day. And my greatest hope, is that you create a career that you love too.

timeline image

I did it the hard way, but you don't have to.

Employee to Entrepreneur will walk you through your entire transition from 9-5’er to CEO.

When you say YES to ETE, you’re saying YES to:

  • MY PROVEN, COMPREHENSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS, including templates, scripts, audio, videos, email swipe files, advertising strategies, and tactics so you don’t have to waste time recreating the wheel
  • 6 RESULTS-ORIENTED MODULES that cover everything from getting clarity on your business idea all the way through to crafting your first offering, conducting sales calls, and creating an automated marketing funnel that consistently drives sales every month. You name it, I’ve got you covered

Through 5 step-by-step modules, you will...

  • Build your online presence
  • Get your first paying clients
  • Set up and fine-tune your automated client-generation funnel for maximum Return on Investment

End result: Be consistently generating $3K, $5K, or even $10K per month (you get to decide how much you want to make) through working with just a handful of premium private coaching/consulting/freelancing clients.

Novice to Confident™ Business Analyst Program

Program Features

  • Get clear on your BA career goals using my 3 pronged formula: Stop spinning your wheels in a job you don't enjoy. This will save you months feeling stuck and missing out on doing more fulfilling work and getting paid what you're worth.
  • Power BA Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile: stop sending out resume after resume without getting results. This will save you the frustration and take the stress and guess work out of your marketing strategy.
  • Smart job search strategies: stop searching for your dream job the hard way. Get simple techniques to search smarter
  • BA Job postings: be one of the first to access job postings sourced from my network
  • Stop selling yourself short: get simple easy-to-follow techniques to position you as an expert in your field
  • Mock BA Interview sessions: gain the confidence and composure you need to make a lasting impression at your interviews
  • Ace your BA interviews: know what to say that will leave your dream employer asking "When can you start?"
  • Negotiate your BA job offer like a pro: confidently land dream 5 or 6 figure job, knowing that you are getting paid what you are worth.
  • Practice your BA like a pro: confidently analyzing case-studies using templates to create your own BRD's, FRD's and process flow diagrams
  • ECBA, CCBA & CBAP exam prep: practice your BA knowledge and get the support you need to ace your BA certification exams
  • Develop a careerpreneur mindset: your career shouldn't be stagnant. Get strategies to proactively manage your career rather than have it manage you.
  • Get the support and accountability that you need every step of the way.
  • Surprise Bonuses

Module breakdown

As you can probably see, this step-by-step plan has an unmatched success rate for taking my students from employee to entrepreneur for two reasons:

  • 1


    This is not another course or program that gives you a ton of high-level information but leaves you with no idea how or when to use it to get the results you want. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen the point of information just for the sake of information.)

  • 2


    Unlike with any other program or course, you aren’t given just one piece of the puzzle. (Most courses only talk about sales, or using social media, or webinars, or creating a course, or how to launch it.) You are literally taken from A-Z, and given everything you need to build a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable six-figure plus business.

Are you ready for a life-changing journey?(Or, you could just stick with the corporate gig and look at photos of life happening on Facebook…)

Did I mention that Employee to Entrepreneur is delivered in fast, easy to manage modules with short videos and Implementation Guide PDFs you can zip through anytime?

(And yes, by “anytime” I mean on your lunch break or at your desk while no one’s watching -- your secret’s safe with me.)

But wait, there’s (even) more.

Check out these brilliant bonuses...


A private Facebook community to keep you accountable and allow you to get feedback and support from your fellow ETE'ers who have had your exact same challenges -- and who’ve overcome them.

If you’ve ever wished for an entrepreneurial family that you could turn to for questions, support, or accountability, you’ll have that in this group of the most ambitious and entrepreneurial people you’ve ever met. Every single one of them started exactly where you are now, and is ready and willing to help you get to where they are.


Experience over 10 hours of the advanced, personal coaching I gave to a select group of elite ETE graduates. In these coaching calls, you’ll hear me answer their most pressing business-building questions -- many of which you probably are burning to get answers to as well -- including how to get further clarity on their business ideas, overcome fear and overwhelm, and reposition their businesses for explosive growth.



Over 10 weeks, you'll receive multiple customized weekly coaching emails to motivate you, encourage you, and keep you on track to make sure you know exactly what you need to do each week...and actually do it, so that you finally build the business you've been dreaming of. Consider these emails your "ETE Coach."


Having the right mindset is just as critical to your success as having the right strategies. In this training, I’ll show you how I re-programmed my mind (this is coming from a former engineer, so no fluff here) to overcome my fears and achieve every matter how impossible it seemed in the beginning.

This mindset training + my Employee to Entrepreneur system is the ultimate combination that took me to $106K in sales in 4 months...BEFORE I even left my 9-5, and now that you’ll have both pieces of the puzzle...the sky’s the limit for you as well.

Get everything you need to finally go from


Join today & get...

  • Lifetime Access & Updates to Employee to Entrepreneur system ($5,997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Exclusive ETE'er-only Facebook community ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #2: "ETE Coach” Email Series ($497 value)
  • Bonus #3: All-Questions-Answered Q&A Call Recordings ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Millionaire Mindset Master Class ($497 Value)

Total program value = $8,985

You can create the life of your dreams.

All you have to do is choose which option is right for you:

Click here to schedule an ETE Q&A call  with our Customer Happiness team.

As you can see, it’s not about luck, it’s about rock-solid strategy.

That’s why so many of my students are able to transform their lives and businesses...

more testimonials

Is Employee to Entrepreneur the course you’ve been dreaming of?

If you read the points below and think YES!!, Employee to Entrepreneur is for you:

  • You want to build your business BEFORE you turn in your notice so you can have a risk-free foundation for growing your 6-figure business in 6-months or less
  • You feel called to make an impact, you want to leave a lasting legacy, and you’re ready to claim freedom by any means necessary
  • You’re passionate about growing a sustainable business that allows you to fulfill your desires while making a difference
  • A cookie cutter approach won’t cut it -- you want to know the exact systems and structures you need to implement in order to grow a lucrative business, your way
  • You’re ready to create a mindset and lifestyle for success and leave all excuses at the door

This program is FOR YOU if...

  • You tired of feeling stuck in your current working situation and you want to get unstuck
  • You are ready break free from the limiting beliefs holding you back from progressing in your career and getting the job you love
  • You are fired up and willing to do the work required to get your dream job
  • You've tried it your way without results and you are willing to embrace a more strategic approach to get results

You might NOT be a good fit if...

  • You're looking for shortcuts or quick fix and a program that will magically hand you a job
  • You believe you have it all figured out and you'd rather do things your way
  • You want your resume fabricated and you will do anything unethical to get a job
  • You're not willing to be empowered to get results
  • You are not interested in finding more fulfilling work or in career progression

What do my amazing clients have to say?

I connected with Busola at the lowest point in my career when I had just quit my customer service admin job of 15 years. I knew I wanted become a Business Analyst, but I didn't know how and I didn't think I had any experience in that line of work. I had a call with Busola and we discussed my experience at my previous job. It was on that call I realized I had worked on certain projects and I could leverage those skills and experiences on my resume. We worked on my resume and a few days later, I was invited for an interview and I got my first Business Analyst Job within 2 months.

Mabel O
Senior Business Analyst

I signed up for for Busola's one month coaching program because I needed help with my cover letter, LinkedIn profile and resume. I was impressed by the updates she made and within a few days, I received several calls and LinkedIn profile views from recruiters. I was also invited for my first interview within a week. Busola's program was very detailed and I learnt how to position myself as an expert in my field. The best part about the program was . the encouragement and support I received, she understood where I was coming from and what my career goals were.

Ade Elegbede

I signed up for Busola's resume only service and I was so impressed by how quickly she turned it around and her professionalism. I was concerned about paying a higher fee than what I had been expecting, but Busola went above and beyond - grabbing things from my old resume, LinkedIn profile and website. There was very minimal effort on my part and the final result was far better than anything I could have done myself. Well worth the price! 

Shante Gorman

What makes Employee to Entrepreneur different from other online courses?

Employee to Entrepreneur is unlike any other course, program, or group coaching experience out there because it’s completely tailored for the motivated man or woman who’s working a corporate job while wanting to start a successful online business.

It’s completely completely comprehensive and will take you from idea conception to making 6-figures. Along the way, I’ll also give you access to the strategies, tools, and systems I use to create and sustain a lucrative 7-figure business. Simply put, Employee to Entrepreneur is in a league of its own.

Don’t take my word for it, check out what these students have to say about their Employee to Entrepreneur experience!

They all had hesitations about joining but once they did…

You can have it too, my friend.

Employee to Entrepreneur is designed to give you exactly what you need to make the transition from office to online business.

I know that you don’t have a ton of extra time right now to dedicate to this. I know that you’re worried about making enough money. I know your family probably looks at you like you have three heads when you mention “online business.”

And that’s exactly why I designed Employee to Entrepreneur to include...

  • Quick action packed trainings that you can implement right away so you’re busy getting results and never wasting time
  • A clear path to build your business while you’re still at your job. Maybe you can’t have your cake and eat it too but you can have your job and build your business too 😉
  • An incredible community of like-minded, powerful entrepreneurs
  • IS - Designed to allow you to work the position you’re in—so you don’t have to stress about losing your steady income
  • An opportunity to learn the ropes of a powerful field, and STILL have time to take care of family (and yourself)
  • Your chance to grow your business from platforms other than Facebook groups


  • Taught by an entrepreneur who’s never built a business while working a job. 
    Having built my third business this way, I know what it’s like building your business on the side. You’ll learn the best ways to both do your day job and get paying clients, without sacrificing your life, your family time, or your sanity.
  • A big-picture, pure-theory course where you walk away with no understanding of what to actually do to get results.
    You’ll get step-by-step tactics that making hitting your goals and actually getting clients and generating revenue a breeze.
  • Full of wordy PDFs and long-winded videos that will take up the time you already DON’T have to spend. 
    Each module comes with brief, to-the-point lessons that you’ll get every other week, so you actually have TIME to do the work, without feeling like you’re falling behind.

You can create the life of your dreams.

All you have to do is choose which option is right for you: