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Ready To Leverage The Skills You ALREADY Have To Craft a Powerful Market-Ready BA CV/Resume So You Can Land Your Dream BA Job?

Let me Show You How....


Although the BA Resume In A Weekend Training Course can catapult you in to a successful career as a BA, where you’ll have more time for yourself and get paid what you’re worth, this is NOT an opportunity to get something for nothing.

Your success is dependent on many factors… including, but not limited to, your ability to put in the time, learn, follow through, and to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Basically, if you want to become a BA without doing any work, you can stop reading right here.

Dear Aspiring BA,

Despite a challenging 2020, you still have an opportunity to take 2021 by the horn...

And so I have some questions for you today.

Are you making the impact, getting the income, fulfillment and visibility you deserve in your career this year? 🤔

When you think about applying for those 6-figure or high contract rate BA roles and how to market your self effectively to SNAG them, do you think...

"I really want this job but I wish I knew how to market my skills in a way that reflects my ability to do the job?"


"I know I can do this job, I have all the skills they are asking for, but I don't know how to tailor my skills and phrase my responsibilities... and I've never really worked on a project before"

Imagine if you could...

  • Demonstrate your ability to be part of the big picture so that you can "recession-proof" your career...
  • Show that you are a great asset to any organization - leveraging your expertise to solve business problems, utilizing your skills in the best way possible. 

Yes YOU can! And this is your chance...

YOU too can Become A  Confident-Seasoned-Business Analyst.

Landing your DREAM BA job is much easier than you think and getting started on a project that solves business problems isn’t rocket science -  and even if it were, you have what it takes to figure it out...

And I want to offer you some support from me to make sure that your answers to these questions and your DREAM BA Career are a hands-up YES this year.

And you can SNAG my Business Analysis CV/Resume In A WKND Training Course for a LIMITED TIME OFFER at just $47.

Yep - you heard me right.

A WHOOPING in-depth 3 part instructional training course with a BA CV/resume template, walking you through step-by-step how to create a powerful BA resume that markets the heck out of you for just 47 bucks!!

These are the exact same steps I’ve used to craft my BA resume that has landed me several senior BA roles and consulting gigs for over a decade and which hundreds of my students in my Confidently Hired Business Analyst program have used to get multiple interviews and LAND their dream BA jobs successfully.

Can you imagine where you'll be once you finally crack the code and create a BA resume recruiters and hiring managers are delighted to see?

  • A Resume that makes you stand out undeniably from the pile and markets you effectively regardless of your location. This BA training and resume builder template works excellently well for the  US, UK and Canadian job markets.

  •  A Resume that takes you from crickets-zilch-NADA-ZERO calls to having your phone ringing off the hook with calls from recruiters and invitations for interviews?

  • Imagine when You've FINALLY discovered the key things hiring managers look out for and you can tailor your current experience to stand out for your DREAM BA opportunity - even if you've never worked on a project or performed BA related responsibilities before

Crafting YOUR BA resume CAN be overwhelming BUT it’s also a critical step in getting to that next level to score a BA interview and most importantly, LAND your DREAM BA job.

The great news is that you can do it in just 2 hours or less (or heck!, this weekend) and I break it all down for you in the Business Analysis Resume In A WKND Training Course, play by play.

In This Training...

  • You'll see what a good BA resume looks like and the common mistakes 99% of aspiring BA's make.

  • You'll learn how to avoid these mistakes plugging in your skills in to the template like a pro - regardless of where you are in your job search or even your location (the training and resume format works excellently well in the US, UK or Canadian job markets).

  • You'll feel confident creating a resume you're proud of  - even if you’ve never worked on a project before, or you feel you don’t have any transferable skills to market yourself for a BA role  - the truth is YOU do, there’s always something you’ve done in your career that can be leveraged to solve a business problem, and I show you what and how.

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By now you know that this BA Resume Training Course is EXACTLY what you need to accelerate your BA Career success so don't miss out.

Yes I'm READY To Create My Market-Ready BA Resume

Here's What We'll Create In The BA Resume In A WKND Training Course


A resume/CV you're proud of that will make you highly sought after by hiring managers and recruiters even if you've never worked on a project before, or you feel you don't have any transferred skills to market yourself for  for your DREAM BA role.


FINALLY scoring BA interviews with your dream organizations.


Landing your DREAM BA job and skyrocketing your income to 80-100k+ or a 500 pound per day contract like some of my students.


Breaking free from your current monotonous job (or no job) to working in an organization that appreciates your worth, leading projects that add value so you can fully utilize your skills and become part of your dream organizations big picture.

Limited Time Offer $97 $47 USD
going back up to $97 soon.

Here's What you Get


Lifetime access to self-paced BA Resume Creation Training in your private members area.

In the training, you'll discover how to craft a market ready BA that will show case your skills and make you standout undeniably in the BA job market, regardless of your location. The BA training and step by step-by step creation templates have been proven to work best in the US, UK or Canadian BA job Markets.

Step-by-Step walk-through of what a good BA resume looks like, keywords and phrases to include and a template to create yours this weekend or in just 2 hours. 
The must have sections of a BA resume and how it's different from other cv's or resume's used for other roles. Your non-BA resume won't cut it.  I'll show you the specific changes to make and the COMMON MISTAKES 99% of aspiring BA's make, and how you MUST avoid them so you can Land your DREAM BA Job even faster.

How to tailor your responsibilities in a value-driven and solution oriented way even if you've never worked on a project or done anything Business Analysis related before - all in integrity.
How your techie resume can be leveraged for a BA role even if you've been writing code your entire career and you're not sure how to tailor your responsibilities in to project related ones.
The difference between a tech BA resume and a non-tech BA resume and how to leverage your current skills to snag your DREAM BA job in the fastest way possible - even if youre not techie.
Limited Time Offer $97 $47 USD
going back up to $97 soon.

So if you’ve been sitting on your CV/resume for so long, watching those BA opportunities pass you by because you haven’t figured out where to start and what skills and responsibilities to include, then this training is for you.

And If you're serious about staying on track (or getting back on track - we all fall off the wagon sometimes!) so that you can FINALLY create the BA career of your dreams - THEN this training is definitely for you.

Sign up to get immediate and life time access, and have the rest of the year FINALLY living your dream of becoming a confident-seasoned Business Analyst.

This is your time.

Yes, This is what I've been waiting for...

I Want Access Now!

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