The Confidently Hired Business Analyst™ Coaching Program
Leverage The Skills You ALREADY Have To Make $85,000 - $100,000+ Every Year
Discover the only implementation program that will get you to your dream job as a BA in 3-6 months WITHOUT any experience or certification


Although the Confidently Hired Business Analyst Implementation Program™ can catapult you into a successful career as a BA, where you’ll have more time for yourself and get paid what you’re worth, this is NOT an opportunity to get something for nothing.

Your success is dependent on many factors… including, but not limited to, your ability to put in the time, to be coachable, and to do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

Basically, if you want to become a BA without doing any work, you can stop reading right here.
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Yes I'm READY To Land My Dream BA Job!

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How Your Job Is Costing You Money...

Dear Aspiring Business Analyst,

Did you know it’s actually costing you money to stay in the job you’re in right now?

Perhaps you’ve been working in a dead-end job for some time now. And overtime is just considered “normal”.

(The extra income is definitely not worth it!)

And back in school, you never imagined that your job would take so much joy and time out of your daily life...

But that’s the harsh reality of most corporate jobs. And usually, there is no happy ending in sight.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

And it was only when I transitioned to a rewarding, well-paying career as a BA that I was finally able to spend more time doing the things that matter to me most.

How You Could Be Making up to $100,000 per year In Just A Few Months

Imagine if you could be making up to $100,000+ every year...

What would your life look like?

How would you spend your time?

Where would you be able to go on vacation?

Did you know that even as a Junior BA, you could possibly be making MORE money than what you’re making right now. And you don’t even need:

To know any IT or programming languages.

To have an MBA, specialist Master's degree or certification


To have any projects experience whatsoever!

How Your Life Is About to Be Transformed...

There are just a few very short months between you and the Business Analysis career of your dreams. 

Imagine what it'll be like to...

Get paid what you’re worth.

Do rewarding work that isn’t mindless and mundane.


Have more time for yourself, your friends and your family.

But most importantly, imagine having a job where you can actually grow and prosper.

Here’s the problem...

I’ve been told that this industry is very hard to get into. There is so much information out there and most people end up in a state of analysis paralysis.

That’s why I’ve built this program...

So if you want to escape the corporate cage by leveraging the skills you already have…
And if you want to be paid what you’re worth and appreciated for the work that you do...

Keep reading...

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This opportunity is only available for a limited time only and will be closed when the timer on this page hits ZERO.

The Confidently Hired Business Analyst Implementation Program™

Get Your BA Career Started in 3-6 Months!

Maybe you also feel overwhelmed by information. Or maybe you feel misinformed about what it really takes to become a BA…How would you like to have a mentor take you by the hand and guide you through every step of the transition into your dream career? And beyond that!

I have been assisting my mentees for years to land their dream jobs as BAs. I know what works, and what doesn’t.

With that and my 14+ years of personal experience, I have put together a blueprint. If you follow exactly what is in this program, you WILL undoubtedly get results — and fast.

This program is everything I know. (I’m not holding anything back.)

Here's how you'll get there...
Online BA Career Transition Modules and coaching designed to guide you through steps to get clear on your BA career goals, leveraging your existing skills and domain knowledge to land your dream Business Analyst job in the fastest way possible.
You'll discover step-by-step techniques to help you position yourself confidently to recruiters and your dream employer.

You'll learn how demonstrate your skills in a way that will make you stand out undeniably in the BA job market.
You'll learn the practicalities of Business Analysis in a simple way - no noise, fluff or overwhelm.

The program modules have been simplified so you'll understand the tools techniques and best practices that will leave you feeling confident to work on real-life projects as a Business Analyst.
Here are the Six Pillars of the
Confidently Hired™ Business Analyst Career Transition Program

Module One:

The Mindset of Every Successful BA

This is the stuff that you really need to understand, but that no one will talk about!

I tell all my mentees, that without clarity and the right mindset, becoming a BA is very difficult. So I’ve devoted hours and hours of training to this very important step.

You’re also going to learn critical concepts in this module. For example, Corporate Positioning, and a lot more...


Module Two:

Your Personal Career Transition Blueprint™

Typical programs will explain how to get interviews and what to say and do, but they are never career specific.

Get the blueprint on exactly how to get your foot into the BA industry WITHOUT wasting months wishfully looking around.

In addition to that, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what’s going on in your interviewer’s head.

After you’ve finished this section, you’ll know exactly how to prepare for and ace any interview you get. (Plus so much more)


Module Three:

Learn The Fundamentals of Business Analysis

I must warn you: This is an implementation program (I don’t believe in that ‘theory’ fluff). Basically, this is going to be intense and every week you’ll be applying what you’re learning.

This module breaks down all the fundamentals in a simple and relatable way. You’re going to learn how to manage a project and understand the software development life cycle. After this module, you will feel confident handling real-life projects.

Also includes: 

  • Business Analysis Planning & Reporting

  • Requirements Elicitation & Collaboration

  • And more...


Module Four:

The Core Skills of Every Good Business Analyst

What program out there will actually get you implementing before you’re even finished?

Jump in the deep end with a real-life simulation of a typical BA project. I’m going to personally review this project and give you my feedback. (Worth its weight in gold)

I’ll be providing you with all the steps, templates and diagrams you’ll need to master this project and you’ll have my complete support and feedback every step of the way…

Also includes: 

  • Solution Implementation

  • Requirements Analysis & Documentation

  • Plus more...


Module Five:

Evaluating Success — From the Eyes of a Veteran

After you’ve implemented a solution, you’ll need to review and evaluate its success. I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you the role you’ll be taking during this critical stage as a Business Analyst.

I’m also going to share the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt over the last 14 years of my career. I’ve seen many BAs make terrible mistakes in the solution evaluations stage that cost them big time — you’re going to learn how to avoid them.

You’ll also learn: 

  • Also how to make further recommendations for improvement.

  • And much more...


Module Six:

How to Rapidly Grow in Your New Career

This is one of the MOST important modules of the entire program. You’re going to learn the exact steps you need to take to get promoted, how to position yourself in your company and how to negotiate a raise like a pro.

I’m also going to train you on how to establish yourself as an expert in the BA community even from very early on in your career.

Future Modules

Lifetime Updates to the Confidently Hired Business Analyst Implementation Program™

I’m always creating more content and assignments. So to make sure you never miss out, I want to give you lifetime updates to everything I’ll ever add.

Here's How The Confidently Hired BA™ Career Transition Program Is Different...

Most Business Analysis training programs teach you the "theory" of business of analysis, which is great...

But they are missing the key strategies to help you make your  transition in to Business Analysis
(with an actual BA job to show for it not just lecture notes and course work).
This program is NOT for you if...
You're not coach-able, you're looking for short cuts or a quick fix.
You're satisfied where you are right now.
You're indecisive and you're hoping things will magically work out for you someday.
You're after a certification, IIBA or PDU hours. This type of training isn't about obtaining learning credits or a's about getting the results and landing a BA job.
You're not willing to get out of your own way and let go of the negative beliefs, fears and self doubt that have held you back.
Is the Confidently Hired Business Analyst Online Implementation program for you?

If you read the below and feel that this describes you, then perhaps yes, you can go further! 
You want to Become A Business Analyst working on projects so that you can be visible and increase your income potential to 6-figures ($100k+) per year as a full time employee or consultant in the near future.
You're ready to take responsibility for your career and follow a step by step process to land your dream BA job in the fastest way possible - leveraging your current skills.
You want to break free from a back-end job and you want to enjoy flexibility to work from any location without feeling chained to a desk so that you can spend time with your loved ones.

You've been stuck on the Business Analysis career band wagon for so long and nothing has worked for you. You've even signed up for courses and done certifications, and you still can't piece it all together to confidently land your dream BA job.

You're a professional and you feel stuck in a dead-end, boring, monotonous job and you're ready to take control and make an investment in yourself to kick start your BA career right now.

Yes, I'm IN! I Want To Start My Dream BA Career Now!

Select one of the payment options below to get started

Ultra-Flexible Payment Plan

24 Easy Payments of

$159.97 USD

Flexible Payment Plan

12 Easy Payments of

$297 USD

Best Value Payment Plan

6 Easy Payments of

$497 USD

Best Value Payment Option

Pay In Full

$2,497 USD


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Who is Busola Oghumu?
(Founder of Career Introspect)

Hi, I’m Busola Oghumu, a practicing Senior Business Analyst with over 14 years of experience in the BA industry.

When I was just getting started in my career as an IT support Analyst, I used to crawl under desks to organize cables and clean coffee spills off keyboards

But I never let those things stop me from achieving my dreams.

I went from being stuck at a low-income job, with no growth potential, to becoming a 6-figure Business Analyst in a very short time.

And ever since, I’ve been giving back by helping others to land their dream jobs as Business Analysts as fast as possible.

Now I’m giving that opportunity to you…

I've taken all the knowledge, skills and experience I’ve gathered over the last 14 years, and put them together into this Implementation Program — my BA success blueprint.

After you’ve completed this program, you’re going to have all the skills, confidence and clarity you need to land a job as a Business Analyst and finally make the income that you deserve to be making.

To your success.

Ultra-Flexible Payment Plan

24 Easy Payments of

$159.97 USD

Flexible Payment  Plan

12 Easy Payments of

$297 USD

Best Value Payment Plan

6 Easy Payments of

$497 USD

Best Value Payment Option

Pay In Full

$2,497 USD


Are you desperately in need of financing to get you over these challenging times?

Click here to apply directly for PayPal Credit and see if you qualify for more flexible interest free payment options

*Application for PayPal credit is available to eligible US residents only

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And for those of you who take action today, you'll get $6888 worth of bonuses

The Ultimate Job Search Bundle ($197 value)

Land multiple interviews and job offers within weeks with the perfect BA Job Search Bundle.

  • The Ideal Business Analyst’s Resume and Cover Letter (In-depth)
  • How to Create the Perfect BA LinkedIn Profile

  • The Complete Guide on Negotiating Your BA Job Offer


My Complete Business Analyst Toolkit ($197 value)

This private collection has every tool you’ll need to handle projects with ease and confidence.

  • The complete BA Project Checklist

  • Functional Requirements, Product Backlog, Meeting Minutes, Project Status Update, Stakeholder Management (RACI List), and Business Requirements Document Templates

  • Requirements & Elicitation Checklist


Lifetime Access to My Exclusive Facebook Community Where BA’s are Forged ($497 value)

This is a community that has your back - no matter what. You will be motivated and held accountable to your success.

This group gives you permanent access to me, my team, and other CHBA™ professionals — so you’ll be able to get feedback anytime.

Lifetime access and updates to the Confidently Hired Business Analyst Career Transition Program

Get my LIVE coaching and mentoring in an intimate setting every month for 6 Months 12 Months ($5997)

This is the first time I've ever offered live coaching with the CHBA™ Implementation program so you don't want to miss this one.

Get mentored by me with a small group of corporate professionals on their BA career Journey...

Enjoy sessions full of golden nuggets and worth its weight in gold as I take you through the behind the scenes of my 14-year experience as a BA. Best practices, how to succeed on your projects, mistakes to avoid, confidence building strategies and more...

You'll get direct feedback from me on your BA resume, Interview skills, sample projects and all your questions.

You'll also get guidance on highly effective job search strategies from our in-house HR Specialist...everything you need to land your dream BA job even faster!

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“Do You Have A Guarantee?”

We know that The Confidently Hired Business Analyst Implementation Program™ isn’t for everyone, and some won’t work hard or implement what they learn.

So for those that simply feel this isn’t the right fit for them, as long as you’ve been doing the assignments, we have a 7-day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

With that said...

If you’ve got what it takes, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after implementing this program, you get instant results.
And remember, all it takes is one job offer, and you’ll have all your money back and more.
So I’ve got a better question for you…
What’s it costing you to NOT take action?
Going from interview to interview is costing you precious time...
Every month you don’t become a BA, you’re losing potential salary from your new job…
And what if you lose steam for a couple of years…?
You could literally be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table for every year that you don’t take action...

Warm Regards,


Founder at Career Introspect, Career Confidence Strategist, Senior Business Analyst

P.S. For me to give away everything I’ve accumulated over the last 14+ years of my life as a Business Analyst, I really don’t feel I can leave this offer available forever and I’m really thinking of raising the price in the very near future. 

When the timer on this page hits zero, this opportunity will no longer be available. 
And when 20 of my most aspiring BAs have joined the program (which could literally be at any moment), I’m going to close the doors immediately and you’ll have missed your chance — perhaps permanently.
So click below right away and claim your space as a member of the The Confidently Hired Business Analyst Implementation Program™.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an IIBA endorsed provider?

No we are not. We specialize in helping corporate professionals land their dream BA jobs based my personal real-life experience, having been a BA for over 14 years and a proven step-by-step process which I, and my countless clients have applied to help you land your dream BA job.

Does the program help me get PDU’s that I can use towards my IIBA certification?

No it doesn't. We specialize in helping you land your dream BA job using a proven, practical step-by-step process and if PDU’s are all you need as opposed to a BA career, then this program will not be a good fit for you.

I am really busy with my current job. How much time do I need to commit to this program each week?

I know you’re busy. The CHBA program is designed specifically for professionals like you who are still working in their current jobs. In other words, it’s short and to the point and designed so you spend your time taking specific action towards your career move to become a business analyst and land your dream BA job and not just lecture notes and home work.

It’s also been broken down in to weekly action oriented lessons so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Also, when you enroll for the program, you get lifetime access to the materials and updates so you can play catch up whenever it’s convenient for you.

What if I don't get a BA Job?

As long as you do the work, you’ll get a BA job. This program has been designed and proven to get results for anyone and everyone who does the work.

Do I get to work on a BA project?

Yes, I walk you through the practicalities of business analysis throughout the program and you’ll work on a sample project which I’ll personally review and provide feedback via our private Facebook group.

How much support is included with the Confidently Hired BA Program?

Everything about this course is designed to support you. First, the course content itself is detailed and step-by-step, with no-fluff. It includes check lists and implementation guides.

Nothing is left out. No more guesswork or having to figure things out or piece things together on your own. We’ve taken away the overwhelm and information overload and condensed it down, so all you need to do is to plug in your current career situation and follow the steps to create your BA career.

You’re also going to be connected to an instant network of other CHBA’ers along with my team and I. If you need help on anything, feedback, support, you are going to get it in this group.

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Need Help? Still Got More Questions?


Read Case Studies From My Past Students


Check Out The CHBA FAQ's

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