Are you a corporate professional stuck in a dead-end job?

Ready to make a career change in to Business Analysis, but you're not sure how to get started?

Imagine your life a few weeks, months from now...

  • You're enjoying freedom from your boring, monotonous, dead-end career and you're doing something you love.
  • You're enjoying a flexible schedule because you're able to work from any location, and spend more time with those you love.
  • You're confidently owning your voice, feeling seen and heard and you're finally getting the recognition you deserve.
  • You're enjoying getting paid what you're truly worth.

I know how it feels because I've been in your shoes.

Why settle for less when you can...

  • Leverage your current skills and position yourself in a way that makes you undeniable to your dream employers
  • Maximize your income earning potential and work on projects that will increase your visibility and get you up the corporate ladder even faster

Wouldn't you absolutely love to...

  • Get clear on your career goals and reconnect with the "why" behind the work you do so that you can stop spinning your wheels
  • Get clear on your positioning strategy so that you can confidently land the Business Analyst job you want
  • Learn practical techniques that will leave you feeling confident about working on projects that solve business problems
  • Save time, energy and overwhelm trying to figure things out on your own and avoid mistakes that will leave you feeling frustrated at your lack of results

Let me introduce you to...

My Signature Confidently Hired™ Novice To Business Analyst Program

I created this program to get you from feeling stuck to being in control using my 5-step result-oriented strategies which I've perfected over the past decade and which my clients have applied to successfully land their dream BA jobs in top organizations.

Through my 5-step Confidently Hired™ formula you'll...

  • Take the guess work and overwhelm from your Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn Profile updates and have them professionally revamped for you, so you have everything you need to get positioned for your dream BA job from the very beginning
  • Learn techniques and strategies that will guide you through all you need to know about working on projects also leveraging your current skills through practical and easy to follow steps that won't leave you feeling overwhelmed
  • Learn how to perform your BA role like a pro and the most important skills to hone and common MISTAKES to avoid.
  • Get the behind the scenes insights to my day-to day responsibilities as a Business Analyst working in top global investment banks over the past decades. What has worked well to advance my career, industry best practices.
  • Learn strategies that will help you climb up the corporate ladder and accelerate your career while doing something you enjoy.
  • You'll learn how to perform a BA role and the most important skills to hone and the common MISTAKES to avoid.
  • You'll also work on your first sample BA project and learn tools techniques and strategies to help you confidently nail your requirements management processes like a pro. You'll get insights how to use on common BA artifacts - BRD's, FRD's, Use Cases and much more...

Ultimate end results:

  • Maximize your income earning potential through working in a more highly visible capacity.
  • Sky rocket your career though working on strategy initiatives that will showcase your initiative and leadership skills in a unique way, giving you the exposure you need to get promoted.
  • Enjoy opportunities to work in a flexible environment since business analysis can be performed almost anywhere. You'll be doing something more rewarding that won't leave you chained to your desk and you'll enjoy more time with your loved ones.

Here's how my offer is unique

Being CBAP certified and having worked as a Business Analyst at global investment banks for the past 13 years, I know what it takes to be a seasoned Business Analyst.

This is why I created my 5-step Confidently Hired™ Novice To Business Analyst Program Designed and Proven to get you from being stuck in a back-end job to creating the Business Analysis Career of Your Dreams.

Other BA programs teach you the "theory" about Business Analysis and all you end up with are huge text books and lecture notes with no practical insights on the current skills you can leverage to confidently handle a real-life BA project.

Worst still, you spend months on these courses but no guidance on how to make your transition from where you are to successfully landing an actual BA job...

With my Confidently Hired™ Program, you'll get hands on support and guidance tailored to take you from where you are in your career right now, through your job search and the interview process while giving you the BA training you need as you go.

My Promise To You

Here's how you'll get there...

Program breakdown

Novice to Confident™ Business Analyst - 3 Month Intensive Business Analysis Coaching Program

Module One

  • Done For You Power BA Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Updates: stop sending out resume after resume without getting results. Ditch the frustration and overwhelm from not knowing what needs to be on your BA resume.
  • Smart job search strategies: stop searching for your dream job the hard way. Get simple techniques to search smarter

Module Two

  • Stop selling yourself short: get simple easy-to-follow techniques to position you as an expert in your field
  • Mock BA Interview sessions: gain the confidence and composure you need to make a lasting impression at your interviews

Module Three

  • Learn the practicality of business analysis using simple and easy to understand techniques
  • Get the support and accountability that you need through each step

Module Four

  • Practice your BA knowledge and skills you've learnt during the program like a pro: confidently analyzing case-studies using templates to create your own BRD's, FRD's and process flow diagrams
  • Stop selling yourself short: leverage your skills and gain the knowledge that will position you as a knowledgeable BA throughout your career transition

Module Five

  • Understand solution reviews and evaluation: Your responsibilities as a BA even after the analysis phase and how to add value beyond the solution implementation.
  • Make recommendations for further improvement: Demonstrate your expertise like a pro as you conduct post implementation reviews and create lessons learned reports

Module Six

  • IIBA Certifications Demystified: Learn when to get certified and additional resources to guide on registering for your IIBA certification without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Develop a careerpreneur mindset: your BA career shouldn't be stagnant. Get strategies to proactively manage your career rather than have it manage you.

Bonus Module

  • Learn how to research and leverage your expertise to get paid what you're worth
  • Negotiate your BA offer like a pro: Learn strategies to ask for and get what you want
  • Get promoted: Learn ways to expand your BA career and take it to the next level

Fast Action Bonuses

  • UNLIMITED Access to an online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to take the guess work out of your resume and LinkedIn profile key word optimization - ** Limited Time Only**
  • UNLIMITED Mock BA Interview prep sessions - **Limited Time Only**
  • Templates, Checklists and other sample project resources
  • Career Mindset Bonus Module
  • Voxer access for real-time support and collaboration during business hours throughout the program

Features you'll receive from my program

  • Done For You Business Analysis Resume, Cover letter and LinkedIn Profile Updates to get you started
  • Effective Job Search & Networking strategies that will get you results
  • Done With You Business Analysis Training Modules, that will walk you through the what you need to know, so you don't feel overwhelmed
  • Mock Business Analysis Interview Preparation Sessions throughout the program
  • Weekly One-on-on and group Coaching calls, Q&A, Tutorials, Implementation days, Support and Guidance Through Each Step
  • Resources, Templates and Sample Projects & Step by Step Implementation Guides
  • Guidance, Accountability & Support, as you progress through your BA career transition
  • Access To A Network of other BA professionals via a private Facebook group
  • Lifetime Access to all coaching calls and BA Training program modules
  • Unlimited Email Support

This program is FOR YOU if...

  • You're a corporate professional currently in a job that you don't enjoy
  • You're interested in learning about business analysis and transitioning your career in to business analysis or other corporate roles that involve working on projects
  • You've tried things your way without getting results, and you are willing to embrace a more strategic approach that will get you results
  • You are fired up and willing to do the work and get the training required that will get you your dream Business Analyst job
  • You are ready to break free from the limiting beliefs holding you back from progressing in your career and getting the BA job you want, so that you can create a career you truly enjoy

You might NOT be a good fit if...

  • You have no previous experience working in a corporate environment
  • You believe you have it all figured out and you'd rather do things your way
  • You're looking for shortcuts or quick fixes and a program that will magically hand you a job
  • You're not willing to learn about Business Analysis and be empowered to get results
  • You are not interested in finding more fulfilling work or in progressing your career to work on project related opportunities
  • You want your resume fabricated and you'll do anything unethical to get a job
  • You're unemployed and you desperately need to get a job today. Landing a BA job takes some time and you'll need to commit at-least 12-weeks to getting results.

Still struggling to make your career transition in to Business Analysis or roles that involve working on projects?

Break free from the mundane job that leaves you burnt out with nothing to look forward to when it comes to climbing up the ladder. You deserve better..


What do my amazing clients have to say?

This was my first coaching program ever and it was great to have a structure for the program and the sessions. The sessions were tailored specifically to my role and skills I wanted to improve. Nothing was forced down on me and it felt great.

A key benefit was the BA resume and interview prep sessions. I went for an interview at a firm I had applied to about 5 times over 2 years right after the prep session and utilized the tips from the session and I got the job as a Senior Business Analyst.

Abbey A
Senior Business Analyst. Florida, United States

I connected with Busola at the lowest point in my career when I had just quit my customer service admin job of 15 years. I knew I wanted become a Business Analyst, but I didn't know how and I didn't think I had any experience in that line of work. I had a call with Busola and we discussed my experience at my previous job. It was on that call I realized I had worked on certain projects and I could leverage those skills and experiences on my resume. We worked on my resume and a few days later, I was invited for an interview and I got my first Business Analyst Job within 2 months.

Mabel O
Senior Business Analyst. Manchester, United Kingdom

I signed up for for Busola's one month coaching program because I needed help with my cover letter, LinkedIn profile and resume. I was impressed by the updates she made and within a few days, I received several calls and LinkedIn profile views from recruiters. I was also invited for my first interview within a week. Busola's program was very detailed and I learnt how to position myself as an expert in my field. The best part about the program was . the encouragement and support I received, she understood where I was coming from and what my career goals were.

Ade Elegbede
Senior Business Analyst. Guelph, Ontario. Canada.

I signed up for Busola's resume only service and I was so impressed by how quickly she turned it around and her professionalism. I was concerned about paying a higher fee than what I had been expecting, but Busola went above and beyond - grabbing things from my old resume, LinkedIn profile and website. There was very minimal effort on my part and the final result was far better than anything I could have done myself. Well worth the price! 

Shante Gorman.
Woodstock, IL. USA

Still have questions?

Here are the answers to some FAQ's

  • Q.How long is the program for?

    A.The program runs for 12 weeks, and you get life-time access to all the materials and coaching calls during your enrolment.

  • Q.How are the modules structured?

    A.There are about 17 lessons broken down in to 6 self-paced training modules.

    Each module is released bi-weekly throughout the 12 week program to give you enough time to stay on track, regardless of your busy work schedule. You also get life-time access to the training modules including future updates.

  • Q.How are the coaching calls structured?

    A.The coaching calls range from one-on-one resume review and unlimited interview preparation sessions,  group training sessions for Q&A’s and implementation days.

    The group coaching calls are recorded and stored in your members area so you can catch the replay if you’re unable to attend, you also get life-time access to them.

  • Q.I'm not sure if this is for me, I don't have any technical skills.

    A.Business Analysis does not require technical skills, all you need is your current domain or industry knowledge/experience in a corporate environment to get started.

    If you’re still undecided, schedule a call and I’ll let you know for sure if the program will be a good fit for you or not.

  • Q.I have a really busy schedule, how will I keep up with the program?

    A.The program was designed specifically for corporate professionals so the modules have been structured in short action oriented lessons you can play during your lunch break or on your commute.

    The training slides and implementation guides are also available as downloadable PDF’s to take with you on the go.

  • Q.I've taken several BA courses, what makes this one unique?

    A.Unlike the other BA courses out there, this program has been designed specifically to walk you though learning business analysis while also focussing on guiding you through what you need to leverage your skills to land a BA job.

    It goes beyond giving you theoretical knowledge, but you get guidance, support and accountability from a BA expert that will help you navigate your career in the smartest, easiest and fastest way possible, without the frustration and overwhelm.

  • Q.What's the investment?

    A.This is an investment in your self and in your career. The transformation and results reflected in your confidence, your new BA opportunity, your promotion, salary increase, boost in morale, visibility,  getting the recognition you deserve etc are absolutely priceless!

    So hop on a call and let’s determine if you’d be a good fit for the program first, and then we can discuss the investment.

  • Q.What time will the group coaching calls be held?

    A.The coaching calls are quite flexible and I do my best to accommodate as many time zones as possible. The calls run for an hour each week ranging from Q&A, coaching sessions and implementation days where I can review your work and provide some feedback.

  • Q.What if I don't get a BA job?

    A.As long as you do the work, you’ll get a BA job. This program has been designed and proven to get results for anyone and everyone who does the work.

  • Q.When will I start getting traction and seeing results?

    A.You’ll start seeing results immediately, as we go through your BA career persona and positioning strategy to refine your profile and target your BA domain and as long as you also do your part.

    Some students have landed their first BA interviews within the second week, some have also landed their first BA job in as little as 4-8 weeks.

  • Q.When do enrolments begin?

    A.There are only very limited spots available as this is a 3 month intensive program in a small group setting and enrolment is strictly on a first come first served basis.

    I recommend you Schedule your FREE BA Career Strategy Session to find out more and to reserve your spot – if you’re really ready to take action to transform your career situation.

  • Q.I've just finished another BA course but it hasn't done anything for me and I'm still having issues figuring out how to apply what I've learnt to get a BA job, can you help me?

    A.Absolutely! I empathize with you and it’s a shame you had to go through that.

    This is where my program is totally different, I don’t just hang you out to dry overwhelming you with BA theory.

    I help you connect the dots and I show you how your current skills can be leveraged to land a BA job in the smartest, fastest way possible.

    From revamping your resume, LinkedIn profile, and guiding you through you strategies to help you ACE your interviews and land your dream BA job – while also teaching you the core BA skills to focus on to confidently run your first project when you start work.

    Hand-in hand, full on support, critiquing your sample BA project and giving you constructive feedback, teaching you BA best practices and real-life scenarios – no guess work, stress or overwhelm involved.

    Schedule your FREE BA Career Strategy Session and let’s get you started on a BA career journey that will get you RESULTS!

  • Q.What's the guarantee?

    A.As with anything in life involving humans, there are no guarantees.

    My guarantee is to deliver excellent services to you – and you’ll get that and much more, but I can’t determine or control what happens at your end.

  • Q.Do you offer refunds?

    A.Unfortunately my time and effort to train and coach you can not be refunded, so I do not give refunds.

    However, if there are extenuating circumstances (with evidence) compelling enough to warrant a gesture of good will, I’m happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

Ready to get started with your Business Analysis career?

If you've had enough and you're ready to go from being stuck behind the scenes in a boring dead-end job to creating the career of your dreams, then this session is for you...