It’s easy to get bogged down by the thought of meetings on meetings on meeting as a new BA.

Perhaps it’s because you think that’s what everyone expects you to do.

Meetings are an important part of your requirements elicitation and validation process, but they should be well thought out and planned in advance.

✅ Creating an agenda before and

✅ Circulating the meeting minutes after is always best practice.

However not all situations will always call for a meeting.

If in doubt, do a quick check and run your topic of discussion through a what I call a “meeting go-no-go radar” by asking yourself these 3 questions –

 1. What do I hope to get out of this meeting?

 2. Do I have a high-level understanding of the subject?

 3. Can I come up with a list of questions to ask or action items to move this conversation forward?

If you can’t clearly answer these 3 questions, then it means you still have some groundwork to do.

Perhaps an email to gather some additional information and ideas on your next steps might be all you need at that point.

As always, cheers to your BA Career Success!

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