It’s easy to feel like you lack the confidence or skill set to accomplish certain responsibilities especially if you’re fairly new to a domain or subject area, and that’s totally understandable.
Whether you’ve just landed your dream job or you’re still searching for that dream opportunity, don’t short change yourself.
And what do I mean by short change? I mean don’t water down your skills or experience just because you feel like you don’t measure up with others who are “experts” in that domain. Rather, use that feeling as an opportunity to master the subject area so that you can truly become good at it.
Richard Branson says it best in his quote “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.
No one is born a subject matter expert, but when you consistently study a subject and you express your views on it repeatedly, that makes you an expert in your own right.
And it doesn’t matter if others agree with your views or not, the key thing is that you’ve formed your opinion based on the information available to you at that time, so don’t be afraid to share it.
Be sold on you, because if you aren’t, it will be pretty tough to convince others to trust in your expertise. Trust in your resourcefulness, curiosity and ability to figure things out as you go and to make the most of every opportunity.
So, the next time you feel tempted to pass over an assignment or a position because you feel like you lack some of the skills or level of expertise required to pursue it; take a step back and find out what you need to learn to bridge that gap. Then study some more, and go for it.

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