It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that as an employee your primary responsibility in your job is to solve a business problem.
It doesn’t matter what your job title is, whether you’re a customer service executive, a programmer or an office manager. The main reason you were hired is to solve a problem.
Your ability to brainstorm problems and to come up with solutions to address them is a quality that is unique to you and this is your unique selling proposition a.k.a “your secret sauce“.
Whether it’s in your attention to detail, your ability to geek out over a subject matter until you’ve mastered it,  your methodical or analytical approach to identifying patterns, trends and root causes. These qualities are the things that get you into that ‘zone of genius’ which makes you shine on your job.
When you’re developing your personal brand whether you’re already in a job or whether you’re a job seeker; your attention shouldn’t be focused around your job description or the position the employer is looking to fill. But, rather how you fit in to the big picture in relation to the problems you can solve for that organization.
This even goes beyond your day to day responsibilities, but I’ll get to that on another subject.
Being solution focussed sets the tone for your personal development and advancement in your career. This mindset also helps you see possibilities in every situation, task or assignment.
Rather than complain or seek opportunities to quit, you face the problem squarely with your thinking cap on.
You shift from merely being a job seeker to a solution provider. The confidence you exude at your interviews- knowing someone needs you to solve a problem, makes you even more desirable to your dream employer.

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