Interviews are a great way to show off your skills so that you can land your dream job. And the more you get, the more likely you’ll be getting your job offer really soon.
So how do I score an interview you may ask? As with anything else in life, there is no short cut or quick fix to this. You need to be willing to put in the effort and do the work consistently, so that you can reap the benefits to come. These are also best practices for your long term career management.
So I’ll get right to the 5 steps that will land you your next interview:
1) Tell everyone:
Tell your friends, family, “frenemies” 🤪, even strangers you meet at networking events. You could be talking to a hiring manager or the CEO of a company.
2) Update your social media profile
Update your profile to show you’re on the market for a job. Make sure your profile is also impressive and it showcases your skills in a way that makes you stand out. LinkedIn is a good way to do this and you can also connect with people in your dream company.
3) Write Letters to your dream employers:
You might think this is old-school, but you’d be amazed at the impact a well written, properly addressed cover letter coupled with a powerful resume can make on a hiring manager.
4) Join Professional Groups:
There are over 1.8 million LinkedIn groups, so join one or two relevant to your field. Contribute and show up everyday with something valuable to offer, you might just be talking to your next boss!
5) Be consistent
Don’t accept no for an answer or just do it once once and stop, keep at it. Tenacity and consistency are good qualities employers look for, your next boss could be watching.
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