There are many challenges you will face on your job search and career transition.  I am always looking to share any insightful tips that I not only hope you find useful, but in hopes you can implement them to jump start you to landing your dream job.
I made some mistakes really early on in my career…sending out resume after resume without getting responses, getting ghosted by my dream employers after interviews and not really knowing what I was doing wrong.
So I get it, I get the frustrations you must feel right now, the lack of fulfilment merely working to pay your bills and missing out on the opportunity to do something you’re truly passionate about, something you’ve spent so much time and money studying for…I’ve been there. It doesn’t have to be that way and you certainly deserve much more than that.
But here’s the thing…your positioning strategy matters a great deal to help you stand out and to get you noticed by your dream employer. Here are 3 tips that will make you top of mind:
1) Your resume:
Organizations are constantly bombarded with a plethora of resumes from applicants competing for the same job, so it’s important you find ways to stand out, do something different that sets you apart from others, that’s why I created this FREE guide on The TOP 5 RESUME MISTAKES that are costing you your dream job (and what to do instead) to help you get started.
2) Your mindset:
Mindset plays a very important role in your positioning strategy. Are you coming at your job search from the angle of a desperate job seeker, or are you coming at it from the angle of a problem solver i.e. someone who has something to offer?
There is a concept psychologists call “Thin-slicing” which means making very quick inferences about the state, characteristics or details of an individual or situation with minimal amounts of information, which brings me to the third tip:
​​​​​​​3) Your composure at your interviews: 
Statistics show that it takes an average of 8 seconds for hiring manager to decide if they like a candidate or not i.e “thin-slice”. Sad, I know but there are ways you can confidently command the room and make a lasting impression that will leave your interviewer asking “when can you start?”. Do your homework, research, prepare, get someone to practice with you and keep practicing until you master how to nail your interviews.
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