Are you ready to propel your career forward this quarter and finally be rewarded for all the hard work you do? Here are the three most important qualities to have to be sure to stand out and be recognized.


Being known for your honesty is crucial to build strong and lasting relationships within your career field, even if that means owning up to your own mistakes and taking the hit on a project. When people know they don’t have to second guess what you say and can take you for your word that goes a long way.


Similarly, resilience when you come out of a tough project is going to play a strong part in getting noticed. We can’t be perfect all the time, so how you handle those pitfalls and obstacles is going to show your true character.

Work Ethic:

Your colleagues may clock out early on Fridays but showing up and being consistent does have an impact on your superiors. They recognize who they can depend on and more importantly who always gets the job done. Having a strong work ethic will not only get you noticed but it will be beneficial for your own personal growth as well.

You can’t expect to walk in to a new corporation and just own it, but by exhibiting the above qualities you’ll be sure to stand out and get your superiors attention. Now it’s time to leverage your badass for a promotion!

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